We support the Kampala Junior Team, a grassroots soccer

and social wellbeing organisation working with some 375 girls

and boys in the slums of Kisenyi District, Kampala, Uganda.


Our first priority is to secure the education of 18 young members of the Kampala Junior Team (KJT) whose sole guardians and providers are KJT coach and director Kabugo Mansoor and organiser Kayiwa Fred. Until recently they  attended Bat Valley Primary School, but now they must stay home in the cramped apartment they all share - each owes one term's school fees, and must also find another term's fees in advance if they are to attend in 2009.    That is 120 US Dollars / 75 GB Pounds each at 60 Dollars / 37 Pounds per term. That's all it takes to give them a chance to shine.



Meet the stars of the KJT                                                                                                                                                                                Read about   the boys at home

We are working closely with the KJT organisers to determine the best use of funds and to ensure accountability by all parties. We are also raising funds towards KJT events and activities, from attendance (and success!) at prestigious tournaments to the purchase of sports and recreational resources and equipment.  Please ask to be included in our mailing list for progress reports or check our blog, the KJT International Supporters Club, where you can also leave a message of support.

Dream for the KJTeam is pleased to announce the establishing of it's UK charitable bank account. We can now accept donations in the form of cheques and transfers towards the education of the 18 talented young  players who currently cannot afford to pay school fees and for events and activities. You may state which purpose you prefer or leave the decision to us.  We have an electronic payment facility for the school fees fund here, alternatively please contact ceris@dreamforthekjteam for details of postal donations, to join our mailing list, or for any further information. 

           YOUR SUPPORT COUNTS                IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT MONEY        

Dream for the KJTeam is a project which began with a chance meeting online which grew into friendship across continents and a collaborative network of friends and supporters, working artists, experienced deliverers of developmental and social enterprises, ordinary people like ourselves and grassroots facilitators like Kabugo Mansoor and Kayiwa Fred in Kampala. Our ultimate goal is a sustainable solution to the financing of the Kampala Junior Team ~ this calls for some creative thinking ~ you are welcome to join us


Creativity Is The Way Forward ~ The KJT Motto

   Do more Than Dream  ~  Dream for the KJTeam    

Dream forthe KJTeam funds are managed by Ceris Dien and David Bale.

We would like to thank the children and organisers of the Kampala Junior Team for their dedication, inspiration, and their incredible drive in the face of adversity, Grace Ayaa for her able and perceptive written reports, the Dream for a Team Artists for their enthusiasm and generosity, our friends at home and far away online for their encouragement, and the members of for their guidance and advice in the ongoing development of Dream for the KJTeam.

Dream for the KJTeam is fully operational but this site is still under construction!